Terra Null. cover art

eMEGO 163 / Angel

Terra Null.

  • 1. Naked Land (26:11)
  • 2. Monolake (16:06)
  • 3. Colonialists (10:01)
  • 4. Quake (14:55)

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Written and produced by Ilpo Väisänen and Dirk Dresselhaus.
Recorded and mixed in February 2011 at ZONE, Berlin
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

I.V.- csg, oscillators, effects
D.D.- guitar, oscillators, effects
H.G.- cello, voice on 1, 2 & 3
L.C.- bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, preparations on 3 & 4

Cover concept by Ilpo Väisänen
Layout by Stephen O’Malley
Back cover picture: ”Americanska Näfwerbåtar”by Anders Chydenius, 1753

The fourth release by Angel for Editions Mego expands upon their singular combination of electronics, traditional instrumentation and extended technique.
The musical reduction & simplicity of Terra Null. is a beautiful and brooding statement on cultural darwinism.  At a time when the dominance of capital and greed blanket our world in a singular destructive objective, Angel deploy a reductionist technique that opens a path towards a potential new reality.  Slow moving drones peer from the cracks providing a fluid motion of dark beauty.  This is Angel at their most abstract, their most static and the result is their most focussed work to date.
Exquisitely produced by the line up of Ilpo Väisänen  (csg, oscillators, effects), and Dirk Dresselhaus (guitar, oscillators, effects) with guests Hildur Guðnadóttir (cello, voice) and Lucio Capece (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, preparations) Terra Null. takes the listener on a journey from the acoustic dominant timbre's of the opening 'Naked Land' crossing into the shadowy instrumental interplay of 'Monolake' and the microtonal explorations of 'Colonialists'.
‘Quake’ concludes proceedings with an assault of drones, distortion and instrumental aggression, an expression of complete dissatisfaction that offers a means of reconsideration.
Terra Null. embraces radical long form statements of both musical and political matter.