• Ben Kudler has written a eulogy for Peter Rehberg "Never Forget Peter Rehberg (As If You Could)". It can be read here.

  • All mail order for existing titles are shipping out in the usual timely way via the current system.

    There will be a delay in the release of the titles currently in preorder, but we assure you that these titles will be released as soon as possible.
    All preorders for the forthcoming titles eMEGO304 vinyl, eMEGO301, eMEGO104, eMEGO135V, will be honoured, but f you would like to cancel your order, please do so via Bandcamp.

    There will be announcements forthcoming for the other titles Peter was working on, which will be the last releases from Editions Mego.

    We do our best to honour his visions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    The sub labels, Ideologic Organ, Recollection GRM and Portraits GRM will continue their activities and will perpetuate the mission undertaken by Peter Rehberg.
    The French label Shelter Press will carry and collaborate on the releases of these labels.
    This will be done in the spirit and decisive contribution of Peter without whom nothing would have been possible.

    Rest in Peace PITA