Old News No. 9  cover art

OLD NEWS 9 / Jim O'Rourke

Old News No. 9

  • 1. Four Endings 1
  • 2. Four Endings 2
  • 3. Four Endings 3
  • 4. Four Endings 4
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Recorded 2012-2013 Steamroom Tokyo

Jim O'Rourke 'Old News' series continues with this, the ninth installment. This new release is unique in the series in that it is the first to feature an all new composition. The work here showcases the kind of experimental concrete drift which O'Rourke has been exploring for a number of years resulting in a magical blend of musical abstraction. Whistling drones morph into crystalised rain, shortwave chaos folds into haunting organ landscapes and the intimacy of this particular journey is witnessed through the ebbing tides of sound that emanate throughout this monumental release.